The European Union supports the mobility of young people through the Leonardo da Vinci programme (LdV). This falls within the framework of lifelong learning (PLL) and is open to apprentices, university graduates and young employees who want to gain work experiences during a stay in one of the countries of the European Union.

An internship in Berlin offers many benefits to young Europeans: the chance to gain new perspectives, to get to know different ways of life, new languages, new cultures as well as professional practice. Such experiences enrich the individual’s life but also their career prospects. It brings Europe citizens closer together and thus helps strengthen the European identity.

In order to offer appropriate and challenging internships to fulfill this goal, good companies within a wide spectrum of industries are required. Berlin offers this.

By offering these internships, ILE Berlin contributes towards the aims of f the European action plan for mobility and helps to improve the employment prospects of its participants within the Leonardo da Vinci projects.